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► وی پی ان مورد استفاده من (وابسته) را دریافت کنید. 65% صرفه جویی در یک برنامه 2 ساله + 4 ماه رایگان کل محافظت آنلاین – برای دریافت یک دوره آزمایشی رایگان 14 روزه به حامی مالی من بروید و ببینید آیا اطلاعات شخصی شما به صورت آنلاین درز کرده است یا خیر. (تقلب و محافظت از هویت، وی پی ان، آنتی ویروس، مدیریت رمز عبور، کنترل والدین) وی پی ان چیست؟ VPN مخفف شبکه خصوصی مجازی است. وی پی ان چیزی است که یک اتصال شبکه ایمن و قابل اعتماد را از طریق یک شبکه ناامن مانند اینترنت برقرار می کند. از ترافیک اینترنت شما محافظت می کند و هویت شما را هنگام گشت و گذار در اینترنت پنهان می کند. این ویدیو حمایت مالی نشده است. من برای ساخت این ویدیو از هیچکس پولی دریافت نکردم.

شبکه خصوصی مجازی
شبکه خصوصی مجازی


“امنیت اینترنتی”

شبکه خصوصی مجازی یک ابزار امنیتی است که به کاربران این امکان را می‌دهد تا از طریق اتصال به یک سرور دیگر، اطلاعات خود را به صورت رمز شده ارسال کنند و از دیدگاه دیگران مخفی نگهدارند. با استفاده از VPN، کاربران می‌توانند به راحتی از اینترنت عمومی استفاده کنند و از هرگونه تهدید امنیتی و دسترسی غیرمجاز به اطلاعات خود جلوگیری کنند. از دیگر مزایای استفاده از وی پی ان می‌توان به دسترسی به محتواهای محدود و مسدود شده در برخی کشورها اشاره کرد و همچنین حریم شخصی کاربران را حفظ نمود.


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What is a VPN? So that is the topic of this video. Now VPN stands for virtual private network A VPN is what establishes a  secure and reliable network connection   over an unsecured network such as the internet. It protects your internet activity and disguises

Your identity as you surf the internet. So for  example, when you order internet service from   your ISP or internet service provider, they  will set up your internet connection and when   your setup is complete your internet activity is  routed through your ISP servers. Which means that

Your ISP can see and log all of your internet  activity. So they can see every website that   you visited. Now typically this wouldn’t be  a problem if they kept your internet activity   private. However there is a possibility that  your ISP could share your information with

Other third parties such as advertisers or maybe  even the government and if this were to happen   your internet activity is no longer private. But  by using a VPN your online activity will bypass   your ISP’s server and will be redirected to another  server, which is a VPN server. Which means that

شبکه خصوصی مجازی
شبکه خصوصی مجازی

Your internet provider or any other party can  no longer see what websites you are visiting.   The VPN server is now your source where all of  your internet activity goes through. And this has   several benefits. And the first benefit is that a  VPN will disguise your identity by hiding your IP

Address. Whenever you order internet service from  a provider, they will assign you an IP address.   That unique IP address is attached to your home  or business. So whenever you visit a website, that   website can see your IP address. But when using a  VPN, websites can no longer see your IP address,

They now only see the IP address of the VPN server  which effectively hides your identity, so you can   surf the internet anonymously. Another benefit is  that a VPN will encrypt and protect your internet   data. Whenever you go on the internet, the data  that you send and receive is broken down into

A bunch of smaller data packets. These data  packets travel across the public internet and   ultimately find their way to their destination.  But as they are traveling across the internet,   your data can be viewed by ISPs, governments, and  it can also be intercepted by hackers, especially

If you use public Wi-Fi networks. But a VPN will  prevent this. A VPN will encapsulate each data   packet by adding an extra layer of protection to  each one which is known as tunneling. This extra   layer adds a layer of protection to ensure your  data is secure and kept private as it travels

Across the internet in a virtual tunnel. So any  activity that you do on the internet such as   visiting web pages or transferring files, the data  is encrypted and kept private when using a VPN.   And third, you’ll be able to access internet  content that would normally be restricted in

Certain geographical locations. So for example,  some internet content such as videos from YouTube   and Netflix may only be accessible in certain  countries and restricted in others. And these   websites can tell which country you’re in by your  IP address. So if you’re in a restricted country

You will not be able to access certain content.  But by using a VPN you can pick from different VPN   servers that are available in different countries,  which changes your IP address, which effectively   changes your location, which will give you access  to restricted internet content. So if you’re in

South America and you wanted to access certain  content that’s only available in the U.S., you can   use a VPN and choose a VPN server that’s located  in the U.S. so you can access that content.

And a fourth benefit of a VPN is that it provides  a secure connection for remote workers. So as an   example, some businesses may have employees that  work remotely from their computers at home and   they need those employees to have the ability to  access files at the main office. Now this could

Be done by using a leased line. A leased line  provides a dedicated channel that can connect two   sites together through a reserved private circuit.  These lines are rented for a monthly fee and   they can be expensive especially if the distance  between the two sites are far from each other. But

Instead of using a leased line, businesses can use  a VPN. A VPN uses the existing public network such   as the internet to establish a remote connection.  And when a VPN is connected it acts like a secure   private network. It provides a dedicated link  between two points over the internet. So even

Though so this office and this home are in  two separate locations, it doesn’t matter,   a VPN makes them one private network virtually.  So who would need a VPN? Well a VPN is for anyone   who wants to be extra safe on the internet. It  reassures that you’re surfing the internet safely,

Securely, and anonymously. And if you’re the  type of person that uses a lot of public Wi-Fi   networks such as in hotels, airports, and coffee  shops, well in that case it should be mandatory   that you use a VPN.

Because a lot of cyber  criminals will create a free Wi-Fi network in

A public place and they’ll make it look legit.  And when people connect to it thinking that it   belongs to that place that they’re in, they are  really connecting to the cyber criminal’s network,   where the criminal can steal their data. VPNs can  be used on all of your devices such as desktops,

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Now some VPN  providers are free and some you have to pay for.   The major difference is how they treat your  internet activity. Free VPNs will collect info   information about you. They will log your internet  activity and could sell it to advertisers. But

Paid VPNs are more secure. These generally will  not log your internet activity and they will keep   it private. So if you’re interested in getting a  VPN I’ll put a discount link in the description   below of the one that I personally use. And they  have a strict no logging policy. So guys I want

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